Business Name : Simple Different Indonesia 

Business Registration/Enterprise Number : 1266000652229 

Name of Business Owner : HENGKI ARDIKA

ID card number : 1116080801861001

Business Owner TIN : 154571889105000


a. Address : Sempali 4 A Dusun Lalang 

b. Village/Output : Alur Cucur 

c. District : Rantau 

d. Regency/City : Kab. Aceh Tamiang 

e. Province : Aceh 

Commitments for commercial or operational permits that must be obtained:

1. Permission for Non-formal Early Education that Develops into Units Education 2. Permit for the Establishment of Private Religious Universities 

3. Permit to Organise Non-Formal Education Units With Foreign Capital 

4. Operational Permit for Cooperation Education Unit (SPK) 

5. Permission to Add and Change Skills Program at SMK 

6. Processed Food Distribution Permit 

7. Approval to the Bank as a Depository Bank for Futures Funds 

8. Permission of Deputy Futures Advisor 

9. Approval of Commercial Banks as Margin Depositing Banks, Compensation Funds and Guarantee Fund 

10. Futures Broker Representative Permit 

11. Network Bank and/or Stem Cell Operational License 

12. Registration Legalization Letter 

13. College Establishment Permit 

14. Joint Program Cooperation License 

15. Permit to Open a Study Program 

16. Emission Permit 

17. Access to Genetic Resources (SDGs) and/or Traditional Knowledge – Resources Genetic Power of Wild Species for Commercial Activities 

18. Permit to Establish Religious Education 

19. Radioactive

20. Nuclear